Gretta’s Got It:

Hollywood’s hottest men know the secret to looking stylish, slick, and sexy starts with getting “the treatment.”

Gretta Monanhan, “Gretta’s Got It”
“Have you been trying to groom your guy and having no luck? Well, I’ve found the newest hottest spa just for men.”
It’s called The Black Tie Spa and we decided to clean-up and cater to three local but very different guys, by giving them the “celebrity treatment!”
“You made it” “We did, absolutely, etc.”
Our own 7News Associate Director, 25 year old Rashad Milton. 33 year old Insurance Broker Mark Germani and a company Vice President-37 year old AJ Rossi.
“Ready to go, a little bit nervous.”
But don’t worry boys this won’t be a nail biting experience! Sit back — relax because you’re being taken care of from head to toe.
“And this is no ordinary spa, i mean, sports page? Take a look at this place!”
Spa owner Pat Murray says his inspiration for The Black Tie is James Bond and the movie “The Sting.”
Pat Murray, owner The Black Tie Spa
”I always go back to Robert Redford in the movie “The Sting” not used to having all those services, and he’s got a beautiful girl doing his nails, and he’s got his hair being done and he thinks ‘this is kind of cool.’
“Speaking of which, let’s check in on our guys. Rashad a spa 1st timer, started with a facial.
Rashad Milton
”If this is heaven, I will be dying soon.”
Then he got a foot massage and a new haircut!
Rashad Milton
”I could do it again, especially when I saw the outcome. Camera, get the sexiness. I look good.”
Mark a spa junkie tried something new: Learning sometimes you have to get dirty to get clean.

”Wow, you got the mud on you.”
Mark Germani 
”My whole body is tight, it feels nice and tingly and warm.”
After that he got a massage, took a steam, and even had his eyebrows waxed!
Mark Germani
”I feel like a totally new person, rejuvenated, rested, relaxed, and pretty happy.”
To start off, AJ opted for a facial with Micro-derm abrasion…
AJ Rossi
”I feel pretty.”
Then headed for the steam-room and lastly took care of his toes with a sports pedicure.
AJ Rossi
”Maybe I wonit give my friends who do it, my male friends, such a hard time, because it was actually really nice.”

”So, the guys are cleaned up, next they need to get dressed up! So I’m taking them to meet one of the worlds leading men’s designers. To see how they turned out, tune in to ‘Gretta’s Got It’. I’m Gretta Monahan.”
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