The Black Tie Spa & Barbershop
You don't need a tux to be Black Tie.



Family patriarch Alexander H. Murray in the 1800's was a family man & gentleman who fostered long lasting values of love & hard work that transcended from his immediate children to the generations of today.  When creating the Black Tie Spa & Barbershop as well as our signature product line "Black Tie", it was clear we needed to honor him, the legacy he created & of course his dapper style. 

The spa  & barbershop offers traditional grooming services with state of the art spa treatments.  The Black Tie has the charm of an old barbershop with the added benefits of today's finest luxuries.  Our signature product line "Black Tie" along with our highly skilled and licensed staff offers total relaxation and rejuvenation.  We have been named one of the Top 30 Salons & Barbershops in America by Men's Health Magazine as well as receiving several Reader's Choice Awards.

Between our barbershop and our product line, we strive to honor those who came before us & do our best to please our clients each and every day.  Remember, at our spa and with our product line,  you don't need a tux to be Black Tie.


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